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15 proven ways to have tons of great writing and content ideas

How do you come up with writing and content ideas? I’ve been asked that throughout my career as a writer and content director. We all sometimes struggle with it. And the question can keep would-be writers and even seasoned content teams from getting started. It’s the same even if you don’t consider yourself a writer,[…]

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The truth about print: 5 strong reasons to love it now

In the digital age, is print dead for business and corporate communications? Imagine you produce an employee magazine, brochure or other print product as part of a recurring campaign. You regularly must assess whether to continue printing or abandon it and its negative associations: costs tree-killing old-fogeyness You manage expenses and distribution responsibly. Surveys find[…]

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Little girl’s perfect short story will make you smile

Here’s a short story that can help all writers in our search for content. My friend Evelyn Amaya Ortega posted this photo of her 8-year-old, Bella, on Instagram and Facebook with the following caption. She planted the seeds. She waited patiently all summer as the plants grew… And grew… Getting taller and taller. This week, the flowers bloomed. #Happy[…]