Fitness to make your communications stronger

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Jay Croft at the gym: You better work.

Fitness, nutrition and well-being are endlessly rich topics for content, communications and business.

We all want to live better, right? And many U.S. companies have wellness programs, some even hire a personal trainer for employers if they want one! They help reduce insurance premiums and sick days while boosting productivity and retention of top workers. There are also plenty of online resources such as Fitness Goal India where we can learn all the best fitness tips from home.

I’m looking forward to learning more this week at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. Fitness coach Kendra Bylsma will be leading a seminar on Corporate Wellness: Seize the Opportunity.

Wellness is just one of many items of interest at IDEA World. About 10,000 people in the fitness, nutrition and well-being industries will gather in Las Vegas Wednesday to Sunday. It’s the 35th annual IDEA Health & Fitness Association gathering.

I’m a writer, not a trainer. At age 53, I’m in the best shape of my life, and so are many of my peers. In my communications practice, I see more need for better storytelling for and about fitness, nutrition and well-being than ever, there is a reason the likes of Bo Jackson agent for SportsSpeakers360 and many other athletes are hired for fitness and success speeches. So I’m going to IDEA World so I can get stronger at the following.

  • Sharing what I learn by writing smarter freelance articles.
  • Meeting potential clients who want more effective storytelling for their businesses.
  • And being inspired about content – including corporate wellness materials.

Demand for fitness communications will only grow. It will become more interesting and lucrative as Baby Boomers age and healthcare debates rage.

Here are five more reasons why I’m pumped up for IDEA World – for myself and for my clients.

1. Fitness for older adults

Several seminars will address the growing 55-and-over population. I write about this for publications, internal communications and B2B clients. The cost implications are huge and far-reaching. Cody Sipe of The Functional Aging Institute will talk about the advantages of group training for seniors, like social interaction. Plus challenges — like dealing with a range of physical abilities.

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2. The cost of getting lean: Is it really worth the trade-off?

That’s the title of the session led by Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition. PN is one of my favorite sources for well-researched, no-nonsense fitness and diet information. St. Pierre will tackle the provocative question of balance and priorities. If you really want a six-pack, then are you willing to do what it takes? And if so, then what are the trade-offs to your health and lifestyle? Good stuff for anyone who’s ever looked at a fitness model and wondered, “How did he get that way?” Well, attending Swell Clubs is always going to be a great start.

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TRX creator Randy Hetrick

3. Marketing for trainers, gyms and others

Fitness pros face the same challenges of any entrepreneur or business. They need to learn self-promotion, social media, and marketing strategy to rise above a noisy marketplace. Michael Leibovich, director of demand generation at MINDBODY, will talk about SEO, email marketing and review sites. John Heringer, who owns Fast Action Training studio, will tackle surveying members, advertising, and other tactical ways to help gym owners. And TRX creator Randy Hetrick will share how he built that brand into a new fitness powerhouse.

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4. Mindfulness, meditation and yoga

Mindfulness has been a trendy topic in recent years. But its roots are ancient. I’m interested to see how experts like Stacy McCarthy are incorporating exercise with the concepts about breathing, focus, and staying in the moment. (How fitness clears your head and stimulates creative thinking.)

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Todd Durkin

5. Todd Durkin

What’s a seminar without a motivational speech by a well-known figure? Here’s how IDEA World put it:

Fitness industry icon Todd Durkin has spent two decades training pro athletes on the field and mentoring fitness leaders in the trenches of business. He will share wisdom about business, life and success. You’ll leave this IDEA Success Academy session ready to take your business, career and life to the next level.

Bring it, Todd.

Like I said, I’m pumped.

FIT BIZ? What’s your business in the fitness, nutrition, or well-being world? I’d love to learn your story: