December 20, 2016

These are some of the great media and consumer brands I’ve worked with recently.


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“Jay is a gifted writer, reporter and editor who has seamlessly transferred these strengths from the newsroom to the corporate comms arena. His social media savvy and keen understanding of the value smart storytelling delivers to companies make him an incredibly strong content leader.”

Jay Moye, editor in chief, Coca-Cola Journey website

“If I am ever called upon to recruit a communications ‘dream team,’ Jay would be my first pick. Jay and I partnered on an extensive, multi-city/multi-company employee communications research project and working and traveling with him over almost an entire year was an absolute pleasure. His ability to pull deep insight from interviewees was enviable and his storytelling, masterful. I often sought his expertise when developing communication strategies and his sage advice was always spot-on for our brands and clients. Working with Jay was one of the highlights of my career.”

Holly Elrod
Chief of Staff for Deloitte Private (Tax) and Global Communications Lead for Deloitte Legal

“I very much enjoyed working with Jay at Cox Enterprises. He brought a ‘real-world’ sensibility to our every-day corporate communications. He helped us become better storytellers to our employees and external constituents. While certainly a good writer, he’s also an excellent editor and has a keen sense of messages that will resonate with audiences, including brands and clients – and those that won’t.”

Bobby Amirshahi
Senior Communications Leader

“In leading the company’s employee feedback research, Jay collected inputs from employees at all levels and used them to inform communications strategies for a very complex organization. Jay remains positive, calm and constructive, even when the pressure is on. He knows what questions to ask, as he is a seasoned reporter. He’s one of the best writers I’ve worked alongside. He’s an excellent, creative thought partner. Jay’s direct yet collaborative consulting and management approach helps get results across the organization.”

Susan Griffith Berthelot
Director of Internal Communications at Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

“Jay is an outstanding editor and all-around communications professional. He has a great eye for detail, he understands design and layout, and is a sound writer who has deep knowledge as to how employees should be informed.”

Shonda Cuberson
Director, Employee Communications & Initiatives at HBO

“Jay fundamentally is fair, smart, creative and fun. His attention to detail is particularly useful when you need someone to ask the tough questions, that so often save everyone from professional embarrassment. But he is not someone so caught up in minutia that he misses the larger picture.”

Diane Lore
Senior Communications Consultant

“Jay was one of the top reporters at the AJC for several years, before becoming an innovative developer of, accessAtlanta and the daily features section, called Living. As a reporter, he was aggressive, tenacious, sensitive and competitive. As an editor he helped reporters improve their own editing and writing, and became a skilled developer of online content and multi-section packaging. The skill and passion that made him a great journalist make him a great all-around communicator, team member and thought leader. He’s already worked with some of Atlanta’s top brands and blue-chip clients.”

Carlos Campos
Vice President, Public Relations and Communications, Synchrony Financial

“I have known Jay Croft for more than two decades and worked with him at two newspapers. He is a consummate professional with a wordsmith’s precision and an eye for covering every detail. He is imaginative, forward thinking, fair-minded, bold when necessary, cautious when called for and industrious. If I could assemble a dream team – regardless the task or line of work – Jay would be on that list.”

Jeff Houck
Marketing and Public Relations Manager

“Jay and I worked at the Anchorage Times and my primary goal at the time was to be half as good as he was. Sharp, tenacious, indefatigable, Jay was everything a terrific reporter should be. He was generous as well, sharing sources and context with his colleagues, but he still delighted in kicking the competition’s butt (which he did, with delightful regularity).”

Liz Weston, CFP®
Columnist at NerdWallet