December 15, 2016

Brand Journalism

The Coca-Cola Company

Atlanta’s BeltLine is a fascinating urban renewal project, of interest to readers anywhere. Coca-Cola’s hometown involvement illustrates the company’s commitment to putting its values into action.

But this two-part story isn’t about how important Coca-Cola is. It could run in any general-interest newspaper or magazine. This is a good illustration of a corporation knowing when to let a story be what it is, rather than necessarily about itself.


Employee Engagement

SunTrust Banks

Americans worry too much about money, regardless of income level, geography or age. So SunTrust launched the “onUp” program to encourage financial wellness. If you’re less stressed about money, you’ll be able to enjoy life more, right?

We engaged SunTrust’s 25,000 employees to gather their stories, produce them into short, inspiring tales, and share them with the world.




Your customers care about more than just your goods and services. SolarCity, the nation’s largest maker of solar panels, connects its customers with more than just information on solar panels.

The company knows its readers share lifestyle, technology and finance concerns, and they will engage with a brand that gives them useful content about those interests.


Values in Action


It’s easy to say “We Support Our Troops.” But Verizon really does. And there’s nothing wrong with showing that in a way that focuses less on the brand and more on military veterans.

It’s smart to hire veterans, and Verizon wants them. Strong message, clear presentation.
Remember, the story isn’t always about you.


Mystic Grill

Developing Original Stories

Georgia Film

Call it the Hollywood of the South. Movie and TV productions in Georgia generate an estimated $8 billion in the state economy.

Here are stories about ordinary Georgians who enjoy steady jobs and strong businesses because of shows like “The Vampire Diaries” and movies like the “Hunger Game” series.


Internal Communications

Cox Enterprises, Inc.

A large company with several divisions across the country, Cox Enterprises relied on a quarterly magazine to keep everyone informed and engaged.

We used employee-focused content, friendly design and original photography in the magazine, which also was the lead engine to drive all kinds of content needs.


Native Advertising

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The newspaper’s digital team wanted to give its client newspaper-quality content to use in sharing its perspective on complex issues with a broader audience.

But audiences are less likely to respond to advocacy than to a human, general-interest approach. That’s something that journalists, and former newsmen, know how to do.


Storytelling for Shoppers


Americans love to shop and they crave content about it. MasterCard’s MasterPass seeks to make shopping easier, and its Insider blog is full of non-narrative story-like tips to help customers enjoy the process even more.

As a writer, it’s fun to put together pieces on family movies for Halloween; a shopping guide to Black Friday deals; and tips on throwing a holiday cocktail party.

Brand Journalism

The Coca-Cola Company

I presented the idea of “run commuting” to Coke after a friend of mine started blogging about his own adventures in jogging to work and back most days. Turns out he helped spark a movement that has grown in cities across the United States and in other countries.

What’s in it for Coke? A story about healthy lifestyles, clever commuting choices – and employees I found who are involved.


storycroft infographic




Some stories full of numbers can be best told by creating infographics. Otherwise, the text can get bogged down in a swirl of digits, and the reader can be confused.

Few organizations are better at this than the digital team at Here’s an example of how we turned my reporting on a complex issue into an infographic that’s as clear as it is compelling.


storycroft fitness

Consumer Guides


A gift guide can be a great way to acquaint an audience with your brand and services, as well as your tone and approach.

I love fitness, so here’s how to help a friend get in shape with fitness gear.



storycroft brochure

Printed pieces


Brochures and other printed pieces are still valuable pieces of many communications plans. Don’t give them the snub reflexively in the digital age.

I produced this brochure for SunTrust employees, so they could understand the bank’s commitment to its “onUp” program (short for “onward and upward).